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Sherkin Media Ltd

Welcome to Sherkin Media

We are a web-based business solution and digital marketing agency, with offices in Dublin and Cork. We provide the full suite of services that your business needs to succeed online. 

From designing your website, to developing and implementing your online marketing stratergy, Sherkin Media caters for your entire on-line campaign, working with your business to increase traffic and grow sales. We track everything so you know what's working and what's not.

Online Marketing Services

Sherkin Media offers a full suite of online marketing services which can be purchased individually or collectively to assist in driving traffic and sales to both non e-Commerce websites and e-Commerce websites.

Why Your Business Needs A Strong Online Presence

Sell While You Sleep

Today’s time conscious consumers shop at midnight as well as midday, so your 24 hour web shop can capture sales you didn’t even know you were missing out on.

Increase Your Audience

Increase your sales opportunities by gaining instant access to a wider marketplace. Bring your brand to a national/international audience.

Reduce Your Overheads

Operational costs are significantly cheaper than selling from a physical store, directly improving your bottom line, allowing you to focus on maximising revenue.

Measure Your Success

Take advantage of the automated processes possible in an online store; you'll know what sells best, allowing you to optimize your offerings and manage your inventory efficiently.

Increase Your Loyalty

When you sell online you'll know what sells best as you develop and maintain customer relationships in all types of markets and demographics.