Search Engine Optimisation SEO, is the process of optimising your website so that you will appear for desired search phrases, or keywords, in search engine results. The largest search engine is of course Google, which will read your website every day and determine what search phrases you should appear for and in what ranking position. Sites that come up in the first position will achieve much higher traffic for that search phrase than any other site is likely to, and while we all would like to be number one in Google for all search phrases related to our business it is very time consuming to achieve and requires a lot of effort by an SEO company, carrying out Search Engine Optimisation SEO to achieve this.


Google is only concerned with listing the most appropriate results for given search phrases in the organic area of search results, and while you can rank highly for pay per click advertising by paying for Google Ad Words space and appearing as a paid advert, ranking highly for organic searches through Search Engine Optimisation SEO is very important and will not cost you continuously per click so can offer a high return on investment.


Google processes around 200 signals and uses this data to determine the ranking positions for each search phrase, or keywords that users search for. It is possible to tell how many times each search phrase is searched for in Google and this allows us to choose the most appropriate keywords that will bring the most traffic to your website. While it is not known exactly what all 200 signals are or how they are weighted, we do know what the most important one’s are and can ensure that sites are both built in an appropriate manner for high search engine rankings and that each page is search engine optimised so that it has the best chance for appearing for the desired keyword.


In addition to Search Engine Optimisation SEO of each page of a website, there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done off site to improve ranking positions, these are Search Engine Optimisation SEO signal that are also taken into account to determine ranking positions by search engines and include things like the number of links you have to your website from other sites, how appropriate those links are, the level of Search Engine Optimisation SEO on those sites, what keywords are in those links and also how many search engines your site has been submitted to. Knowing all these factors about Search Engine Optimisation SEO allows us to create the best Search Engine Optimisation SEO solution for each site we work on that will allow that site to rank successfully for the search phrases that will bring the most traffic.


In addition all Search Engine Optimisation SEO campaigns completed by Sherkin Media are offered with in-depth ranking reports for multiple search engines and continuous Search Engine Optimisation SEO assessment to track the progress of the campaign, the increases in traffic to your website and also increases in online sales from Search Engine Optimisation SEO.


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Sherkin Media SEO Packages:


  • Complete SEO Packages
  • Keywords Optimized
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • SEO Strategy Plan & Suggestions
  • Code Optimization
  • Monthly SEO Updates & Reports, etc.

We can provide you 1st to 10th position in Google rankings at very affordable prices.